Software to Help Plan Dry Cask Loading

A Nuclear Fuel Data Management Product for PWR & BWR Plants


displayWestinghouse has developed CaskWorks, a computer-based solution that helps utilities plan fuel loading into dry storage casks. By integrating cask loading tasks with site-specific special nuclear material (SNM) data, fuel movement planning tools, and industry standard analysis modules, CaskWorks is an excellent tool for fuel and reactor engineers responsible for planning dry cask loading campaigns. This system reduces dry fuel storage operational costs by efficiently selecting and arranging fuel assemblies and components for dry cask loading, while ensuring compliance with cask certification and site business rules.


  • Automates selection and qualification of assemblies for cask loading.
  • Automates generation of cask loading patterns.
  • Allows interactive selection of assembly alternatives.
  • Validates loading patterns based on plant-specific constraints like decay heat and plant specifications.
  • Provides electronic files for planning, reporting, and documentation.
  • Supports multiple planning strategies.
  • Cask Certification rules modeled in user data.


  • Reduces operational process time for cask load planning
  • Reduces cask certification and re-certification time
  • Reduces risk of cask loading errors by automating data manipulation and documentation
  • Provides standardization for cask loading procedures
  • Interfaces with Westinghouse products (e.g., ShuffleWorks®, TracWorks®)


Westinghouse’s CaskWorks includes:

  • CaskWorks site license and documentation
  • Custom CaskWorks plant models
  • On-site installation and training
  • Phone support and one-year warranty with base scope

CaskWorks Design Objectives

  • Have been defined with feedback from 30 surveyed plants

Software to Help Minimize Costs and Risk

  • Minimize dose over the life of a dry storage facility
  • Minimize external dose and peak clad temperature for casks
  • Minimize the number of specialized casks required  (minimizing costs)

Software to Help Plan for the Futureplanningmenu

  • Maintain enough qualified fuel to continue loading in the future
  • Facilitate space optimization in the spent fuel pool racks
  • Provide a tool for long term pool capacity management

Interface Features

  • CaskWorks /ShuffleWorks can share plant model input files and use similar window interfaces and outputs. Users trained in one product can easily use the other.
  • CaskWorks produces information for automatic cask load planning in ShuffleWorks.
  • Assembly historical, design, and SNM data obtained electronically from TracWorks.
  • External interface provided for modules of SCALE-PC industry standard tool.

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