PoolWorks is the pool simulation component of the Westinghouse suite of products that are used for:

  • SNM tracking and accountability (TracWorks™)
  • Core shuffle and refueling (ShuffleWorks®)
  • Dry storage cask loading (CaskWorks®)

PoolWorks Features:

  • Simulation component that works with ShuffleWorks and CaskWorks
  • Integrated with ScalePC for decay heat calculations
  • Time-to-Boil calculations available for all ICA and vessels
  • Supports:
    • Long term pool management
    • Future cask loading campaigns
    • Future fuel cycle planning


  • Uses configuration files from CaskWorks and ShuffleWorks
  • Accept general assembly information and neutronics files from TracWorks
  • Generates future snapshots of the pool for refueling and cask loading plans

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