Releases: ShuffleWorks 5.0.2022.02.08, CaskWorks 1.1.55, PoolWorks 1.0.36

I have been lax about sending out release notifications so I am including information for the three releases since March 2020.  

The newly released versions have the following modifications.

For ShuffleWorks:

Source code merge with CaskWorks 1.1.55 and PoolWorks 1.0.36
 1) Update to the Fuel Machine Interface for Riverbend to allow bridge
    selection when producing the output file.
 2) Change to release procedure to recompile all files. F5Ss will now
    have the same date and a timestamp within an few minutes.
 3) Update to reading the NEU (neutronics) file. Record length checks
    and detection of the fields containing enrichment data were limiting
    the number of records that could be read.  This restriction has
    been removed.
 4) Fuel movement report updates for TVA and Calvert Cliffs (Exelon).

    Source code merge with CaskWorks 1.1.54 and PoolWorks 1.0.35
 1) Modification to clean-up code in new autonote facility. Windows
    are properly instantiated and removed.
 2) Turned off BWR autoplanning debug output as a default. Correction
    to properly use maintenance priority in automatic re-planning as
    well as for initial incore planning.
 3) Restored prior selection behavior of DBG locations. Providing all
    available core locations produced extra, unneeded, core to core moves.
 4) Minor interface updates for unhandled mouse capture situations.
 5) Update in selecting ranges of steps for reports. Could be give
    unexpected results with sequences containing manually changed step
    numbers that resulted in them not being in ascending order.
 6) Corrected numbering issue with smart steps in interactive mode. They
    were not incrementing correctly.
 7) Reverted step-type to A rather than :A. This was to accommodate a
    user with software parsing the sequence and unable to update their parser.
 8) Limited the display of tag-data errors to the first 100. More were
    not informative and potentially blew up the notification window and
    prevented the successful loading of a model.
 9) Added “Toggle Menu Beeps” to Display Options on the Define menu.
    The user can now turn off the beeps associated with pop-up menus
    when loading a model.
10) Update to selecting printer fonts by ICA. They now save properly.
    Also added options to remove printer font definitions by ICA.  
11) Fuel movement report updates for Southern and Calvert Cliffs (Exelon).

    Source code merge with CaskWorks 1.1.53 and PoolWorks 1.0.34.
 1) Primary emphasis is the replacement of hard
    coded sequence autonotes with a facility for building and saving
    collections of notes based on tags, locations, types and attributes
    that can be determined from the information of a step or sequence.
    .anote, if present, is loaded with the model. Feedback while
    constructing the logic for adding a note is provided. the Notes which
    are loaded and that will be applied can be displayed and will update
    as autonote definitions are added.
 2) Modification to clean up the availability of User Report and Map
    Menus when files to define them are not present.
 3} Fuel movement device restriction now recognize Dry Storage
    Canisters. (e.g., an ISFSI location can now be set as unreachable.)
 4) Choose and checkbox dialogs now calculate proper canvas sizes. The
    issue was that the default canvas size could result in dialogs not
    being able to scroll to see all of the options or reach the OK/Cancel
 5) Neutronics files are easier to load. Conditions have been relaxed
    so that if the NEU type is defined and it is present in the model, a
    dialog to load it is generated.
 6) Help files are now contained in the Shuf50\Help folder to be
    consistent with CaskWorks and PoolWorks. Several files have been added
    for the top level menus: Notes, Tags, Boil and Windows
 7) HTML Shuffle Monitoring has been updated to allow spaces in path
    names so that network drive and folders can be more easily processed.
    Also the *web-output-directory* has been modified to be either a
    string as currently or a list of two strings. If it is a list the
    first string is a local temp directory and the second string is the
    final ‘real’ output folder which can be on a network drive. This
    allows flexibility in where and how the web files are generated and
    where they are placed on the web server. Also found is that the
    current Batik processor is an order of magnitude faster than the
    version used in development.
 8) Fuel movement report updates for Southern, Peach Bottom and Diablo
    Canyon and PECO (Exelon).

CaskWorks and PoolWorks versions are consistent with ShuffleWorks and incorporate user interface and printing features as described above. CaskWorks includes new code to allow for an interpolated Burnup-Enrichment-Cooling table for assembly qualification. PoolWorks has options to facilitate the understanding of the time-to-boil calculations.  To assure consistent .DAT file information, the three products should be updated with versions from the same date.  


This is the account that does most of the maintenance and updates to the X-Works site.

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